💸 Discover The ONE Skill I Used To Go From Being FIRED From My 9-5, To Writing My Own Paychecks In A "HIDDEN" $355-Million-Dollar-Per-Day industry!
...And NO, You Don't Have to Cold Call, Have a Business, Technical Skill, or a Huge Upfront Investment!
"They Literally Close Hundreds of Thousands of Sales Every Single Month For Me So Listen Very Closely If You Want To Learn How..."
8-Figure Entrepreneur, Kevin David
700,000+ Subscribers
2,376 Jobs Quit
What is "high-ticket sales"?
Everyday, thousands of millionaire influencers spend *millions* per day on ads to get people to buy their high-priced online courses.
But did you know that more than 95% of that money is wasted because people didn't buy?
And when entrepreneurs are losing out on millions every day... If someone like you can come in, close some deals, they'll happily pay something like $500 for a single phone call.
Get mentored from the closing team that’s on track to close over a million dollars in sales for our 7-10 figure clients this year
in sales projected for this year
closers mentored
dials to our clients' leads
Kevin David
8-Figure Entrepreneur
500,000+ YouTube Subscribers
2,376 Jobs Quit
Just a few of our clientele
Kevin David
8-Figure Entrepreneur
500,000+ YouTube Subscribers
2,376 Jobs Quit
Dan Dasilva
New Jersey's Youngest Millionaire
8 Figure Shopify Expert
100,000+ YouTube Subscribers
Matt Tran
Engineered Truth
Nearly 400,000 YouTube Subscribers
How does Live Rich Academy work?
2 days a week, we’ll jump on a live coaching call with yourself and the other students in the Academy and we’ll dive deep into the #1 high-income skill of closing to uncover ways to immediately and effectively increase your income (often in as little as a few hours or days).
These weekly live coaching sessions are pure gold and students often come back the next week reporting epic wins from the content covered from the previous weeks’ call.
If you miss a call for whatever reason, that's okay. We’ll record each and every call for you so you can come back and replay any time.
Scott made $6,460 in his first 45 days!
Here's a fraction of what you get:
🎥 LIVE Streams Replays
($2,500/mo Value)
When we say mentorship. We mean mentorship.
That's why you get LIFETIME ACCESS to live stream REPLAYS where Dylan Starr and Joey Rich break down your calls, roleplay, answer questions, and more
🎥 LIVE Roleplay Rooms
($2,500/mo Value)
LIFETIME ACCESS to Roleplays which were the #1 thing that improved our students...
So we thought, why not? Let's offer the same personalized help to our Academy members.
📜 The Influencer Landing Blueprint™
($1,497 Value)
For the first time ever, Founder & CEO, Joey Rich reveals the secrets to how he's been able to land 7-8 figure influencers like 
👉 Kevin David
👉 Dan Dasilva
👉 and more!

🎯 The 8-Step Flow System™
($997 Value)
Pioneered by Chief of Sales, Dylan Starr, this is the fool-proof closing methodology that has skyrocketed our team's success to over a MILLION in sales
🔫 The Bulletproof Follow Up System
($497 Value)
Closes are all in the follow up.
We teach you the bulletproof system our closers use to turn leads into income.
Transparency: No ridiculous upsells
No, we’re not gonna paywall your success with over-priced upsells. 

We love transparency ♥

Any upsells we do offer will not be over-promised and under delivered.
Meet Nils
He Made $2,552.68 In Two Weeks In Germany!
Nils Raether got to take home $2,552.68 in pure profits in just two weeks and is on track to make over $5,000/mo!
🎥 Coaching Replays ($2,500/mo Value) 
🎥 24/7 Roleplay Room ($2,500/mo Value) 
📜 The Influencer Landing Blueprint™ ($997 Value) 
🎯 The 8-Step Flow System™ ($1,497 Value) 
💸 The Bulletproof Follow-Up System ($497 Value)
Because we love overdelivering, here's what you're gonna get on top of everything if you sign up today for free
Bonus 1:
📃 Million Dollar Sales Script
($997 Value)
By popular demand, you're gonna get the EXACT sales script we use so that you can use right away to start closing high ticket sales
Remember guys, this is the SAME script our actual closers use everyday that has generated over $1,000,000 in sales.
Bonus 2:
🔒 Million Dollar Closing Call Vault
($1,997 Value)
The #1 thing you need as a closer? Live training & live roleplays with actual high level closers that practice what they preach.
The 2nd most important thing? Live call recordings of real people closing real high ticket sales.
A vault filled with Real Life, RAW, Closing Calls, from me, Dylan Starr, and our best closers.
Transparency: No ridiculous upsells
No, we’re not gonna paywall your success with over-priced upsells. 

We love transparency ♥

Any upsells we do offer will not be over-promised and under delivered.
Bonus 3:
📭 Influencer Job Board
(Value: Priceless)
Occasionally, we'll get influencers that are good, but not big enough for us to take on.

When these come up, you'll be the first in line to make money with them.

Although this won't happen too often, you can think of it as a nice bonus 😉
Bonus 4:
🙏 Close With Us!
(Value: Priceless)
Perhaps the best part:
We'll recruit the best closers in the Academy to close side-by-side with us and our 7-8 figure influencers.

Full transparency, just because you join, does not guarantee you a spot on our team. 

We only want the best people for our clients.
Meet Don:
One of those best closers was Don.
He started in the Academy, we saw how much potential he had, we got him on the team ASAP within just a few weeks of joining the Academy. And now he gets multiple closes pretty much every day and was recently promoted.
🎥 Coaching Replays ($2,500/mo Value) 
🎥 24/7 Roleplay Room ($2,500/mo Value) 
📜 The Influencer Landing Blueprint™ ($997 Value) 
🎯 The 8-Step Flow System™ ($1,497 Value) 
💸 The Bulletproof Follow-Up System ($497 Value)
BONUS 1: 📃 Million Dollar Sales Script ($997 Value)
BONUS 2: 🔒 Million Dollar Call Vault ($1,997 Value)
BONUS 3: 📭 Influencer Job Board (Value: Priceless)
BONUS 4: 🙏 Close With Us! (Value: Priceless)
TOTAL VALUE: $10,985
TOTAL VALUE: $10,985
Sign Up Today
Do the Work and If You Can’t Make it Work We’ll Give Your Money Back!

Suggested Price: $10,985
Hear From a Few of Our Many Success Stories!
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People love it!
Meet Vasco!
He closed 3 influencers.

He booked 8 appointments 3 hours after the first class.

And after only 4 DAYS in the Academy, we knew that he would be a perfect member for our closing team and he got recruited.
Meet Ryan
He Made $2,619.36 In Two Weeks In the Philippines!
The money and lifestyle you want is waiting:
Meet Your Coaches
Joey Rich
Have you ever wondered, "How the h*ll do they get so many influencers??"

Joey. Joey is why. And now you get to get mentored by him.

Our naturally talented networking genius reveals all the secrets he’s used to land high ticket clients like 

- 8-Figure Entrepreneur Kevin David
- New Jersey’s Youngest Millionaire Dan Dasilva
- and many more
Dylan Starr
It seems like after every one-on-one training he does with a closer, they explode with sales the following days. 

Every successful closer on our team is because of this guy.

There’s a reason he’s been our Chief Sales Officer from the very beginning, and in Team Live Rich Academy, you get the closest-ever access to him.
Meet Michelle
She made $1,495.50 In Two Weeks! Will you be next?
Our goal with this is for you to think "WOW! This is worth way more than what I paid!"
left before we raise the price!
Get locked in at our lower price while you can.
Influencers love us!
"They've Closed Almost Every Single Lead That I Send To Them"
*Eligibility for the 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee is Contingent on Watching Less Than 40% of Course Material
 and Subject to Our Action Based Refund Policy Available in Our Terms of Service Below.

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